Managing a professional training pipeline is challenging. Thousands of decisions must be made against soft targets such as competency or proficiency. The adlantics platform for advanced learning analytics integrates training-related data from across your training pipeline to enhance visibility, automate and optimize decisions, quantify training outcomes, support strategic planning, and meet compliance requirements.


Data Driven Training

Enhance end-to-end visibility by integrating data from disparate training systems.

Decision Support and Automation

Use analytics to identify trends, risks, and opportunities in real-time.

Mobile Analytics and Management

Access critical training data and manage your training pipeline from anywhere.



New Publication Available

The Machine Learning Journal just released a new paper by Markus and colleagues. The paper presents a new method for learning user preferences from observed choices. Whereas many previous models have limited applicability in autonomous decision-making scenarios, our model provides an efficient Bayesian treatment that yields uncertainty estimates.

Preference learning article
Also still available: Autonomous control article


The adlantics platform grows with your Learning Analytics requirements. It all starts with our powerful features for secure, real-time integration and visualization of learning data. Sophisticated machine learning features support your journey to a fully data-driven training organization, from personalized and adaptive learning to advanced data-driven curriculum design and compliance features.

Platform Components

adlantics is built from components that can be flexibly combined to fit into your existing systems architecture. From data consolidation across your training pipeline, to our intelligent Analytics Engine, to dashboarding for individual use and central displays: adlantics can be plugged into your existing training systems or provide a complete end-to-end solution.

Experience Store

Our open xAPI-based Learning Record Store provides a central place for aggregating data from across your training pipeline. Optionally provides secure data room access to third parties, such as auditors.


Analytics Engine

Our flexible Learning Analytics engine provides fast aggregates, trend detection, predictions, optimization, and recommendations based on your learning records and supplemental data.


Interactive Dashboards

adlantics dashboards provide students, instructors, and training managers with secure, role-based, and highly interactive visualizations of training outcomes and recommendations.


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